Evelyn Allen

Winterfest is the name of the past.  The new dance is now called “Snowcoming”. Snowcoming is right around the corner. The dance will take place Saturday, February 15th,  but of course before the weekend dance the whole week will be spirit week.  

Ideas for spirit week ideas are still unknown so if you have any suggestions or ideas please let the main office or leadership know. 

Another thing that each class will have is a meeting for picking themes and planning decoration arrangements. Each class should get an email stating when your class meeting date is.Even  if not attended the meetings you may possibly still receive emails asking for your opinion on something or simply just an update on what your class has decided. 

All students who participate in the after school meetings to get their class to win work very hard, so always remember to respect every decoration and maybe even thank those students who took time out of their schedules to work on 2020 snowcoming.