What’s New at AHS


September 27, 2017

AHS is going through some changes in the new 2017-2018 school year. We have a new principal, Thomas Berriman, and he has made some changes to our school. A big change Berriman has made is the new rule on phones. Each teacher gets a red and a green card to use to show when they will, and will not, ...

Early college

May 10, 2017

Alpena Early College gives high school students a unique opportunity that is far better than dual enrollment. With the partnership between Alpena Community College and Alpena High School, students can complete their high school diploma and receive a college degree at the same time. Students who ar...

Alpena schools recognized

Breanna Domrase

March 7, 2017

Three Alpena schools have been recognized by The Michigan Department of Education  for their achievements. Alpena High School and Sanborn Elementary School were recognized as “reward” exemplar schools here in Michigan. A reward school is a school with outstanding student achievement or growth over ...

Hall of fame #3

Ashley Bloom, Author

January 4, 2017

There are many people inducted into the Hall of Fame, two of them being Richard Cook, and  Dick Crittenden. Cook was in the graduating class of 1965, and was inducted in 2006. He was valedictorian of his class. He earned a bachelor’s in chemistry from University of Michigan, master’s and doctorate...

Hall of Fame

Ashley Bloom, author

December 12, 2016

There are many people inducted into the Hall of Fame two of them being Heather Bullen, and David Cloft. Bullen was in the class of 1994. She was inducted in 2013. She had earned her B.A. in Chemistry from Albion College. Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2002 she was honored so most outst...

Curriculum part 1

December 12, 2016

There are many requirements students must meet in order to graduate. AHS stresses that it is the student’s responsibility to see that all graduation requirements are met. For English there are English courses for 9th-11th grade, all three of these courses are 1 credit classes. With semesters th...

YVC volunteer of November

Faith Pausits, Editor

December 12, 2016

Janelle Cook is the Youth Volunteer Corp’s 2016 November volunteer of the month. Cook’s parents are Susan and Phil Cook. However, Cook’s main reason for joining Youth Volunteer Corp (YVC) was that a friend encouraged her to join. Since joining the program her favorite activity has been visit...

National Secretary of Education

Ashley Bloom, author

December 12, 2016

Donald Trump has just nominated Betsy DeVos as National Secretary of Education.   DeVos was Born January 8, 1958. She is 58 years old. She is from Holland, Michigan.she also has property in Grand Rapids and Ada, Michigan, in Windsor which is in Vero Beach, Florida, and they also own a yach...

2016 Election

Ashley Bloom, Author

December 8, 2016

As you all know 2016 was an election year. For presidents, U.S. senate, U.S. representative, and numbers of local elections.the two most heard of people running for president were: Hillary Clinton (democratic) Donald J. Trump (republican) Gary Johnson (libertarian) Jill Stein (green) D...

Class milestones

November 29, 2016

Alpena High School has many living alumni classes still walking around, and many have their own special milestones. In 2016 the following classes have reached their own benchmark on the timeline of alumni, graduated, classes. 2011 has reached their 5th year, 2006, their 10th. Class of 2001 reached ...


Ashley Bloom, Author

October 25, 2016

As many of you have seen in the past year we have gotten a new building at AHS. It’s the greenhouse.Now some may be woundering how we got the greenhouse and what we plan to do with it. The school got the money for the greenhouse  from an auction held several years ago.  FFA  auctioned off a va...

Clown scare

October 17, 2016

The newest trend in today’s world is clowns. Clowns have been reported in random cities around the United States. Not many people in today’s world think clowns are exciting. Most people are afraid of them and want nothing to do with them. In some cases, these clown sightings have caused schoo...