Graduation dress code

Madison Domke

All Alpena High School seniors are instructed to follow dress code for  graduation in June 2018.


The girls are required to wear a nice formal dress or a nice dress shirt with a pair of nice pants. And shorts are not allowed! Most girls wear white dresses.The boys are required to wear a nice shirt, and a tie is optional. Also, they can wear nice dress pants. No shorts are allowed.


The caps you wear for graduation are called “mortarboards”. Students are not allowed to decorate or write on them. However, students are allowed to throw them up in the air at the end of graduation as long as you write your name on it and remove the tassel.


Graduation is a very exciting experience! It is full of tears of joy and tears of sadness for both students and parents to be leaving this school. Many students are ready to leave and get on with their life, exploring, and going on adventures.