Student parking

Madison Domke

Alpena High School student Alex Konczak explains his new ideas on the end of the day exiting traffic routes.


Usually all students are to exit the student parking lot on to 3rd Avenue or on to Bagley after the busses leave their routine parking spot. But for about 30 minutes after school it is very packed and congested, and there is a lot of traffic. There are accidents on Bagley and 3rd Avenue about twice a week. However, Konczak has a new idea for exiting the school to eliminate congestion.


He believes that school officials should open up the driveway east of the student parking lot (where the busses park at the end of the day) for student drivers to exit. He understands that it is a one way street, but he says school officials could make it a two way with a slow speed limit. The new student drivers need to have another exit route. If they have a new, safe route to reduce congestion it would help organize drivers and prevent accidents.