Jostens senior meeting

Madison Domke

Friday October 13, 2018 was the senior class meeting for Alpena High School seniors.


Senior year is very exciting and very hectic. All the seniors are beyond excited to get it over with. They are all counting down the days to graduation. But first they need to have a class meeting. The senior class meeting was all about senior year  and how the year will play out. At the meeting there was lots of information given out pertaining to graduation on June 2nd. And there was also lots of information on getting the required items for graduation.


All of the high school senior received a Jostens order packet for ordering their caps and gowns of graduation. All of the packets are due October 25.


Many seniors already know what they want to order from the Jostens packets. Therefore, it should be easy to get their order forms filled out quickly and ontime, without spending too much money. Senior year has just begun and it is almost already over.