Nail review

madison domke

Many girls at Alpena High School go to a nail salon and get their nails done.

By done I mean they get their nails painted and filled in with acrylic filling to make them nice and clean. I am one of those girls. I am a frequent customer to Main Street Studio, a salon on Chisolm Street, right across from the Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealership

I go to the salon and spend my time getting my nails filled in every two weeks. However, I do not get them filled in with acrylic filling. Rene, my nail technician fills my nails in with strips of fiberglass.

I love the fiberglass strips. I prefer them over acrylic anyday. They hold up so well. They are very strong and they keep my nails from breaking or peeling.

Using fiberglass keeps your nails strong and smooth for a long time. With the strips you can go four weeks without going back to get them filled if you want to. The price is fairly affordable for high school students, only at $35.

I highly recommend going to Rene at Main Street Studio to get their nails done!