Christmas break

madison domke

All Alpena High School students are excited, pumped up, and ready to be released for Winter break on December 21.


Winter break for Alpena Public Schools is December 21 through January 3. Throughout that break I will be traveling to Arizona and Las Vegas while celebrating many things. On December 26  will be flying out of Detroit and flying into Las Vegas. By time we get there it will be very late, therefore we will be staying one night there and wakinging uo the next morning to continue our drive to Scottsdale, Arizona. There we will spend five days relaxing and doing fun things. We do not have much planned to do when we get there so we will be going wherever the wind blows us. I am most excited to be able to relax.


On December 27 it is my birthday. My family and I will be celebrating my big 18! We will be going to an amusement park to have some fun and then we will go out to dinner later on to celebrate. Even though I would be fine just playing by the pool to relax.


On December 29 we will then be celebrating our family friends, who will be traveling with us, anniversary. It will be their first year together as a married couple and I think I am more excited then they are.


And finally on January 1, we will all be driving back up to Las Vegas, making stop at cool places like the Hoover Dam. When we are there I to walk the strip. I am most excited for that because I will be 18 and I will be able to go into a casino and try things out for the first time. It will definitely be a vacation I will never forget!