Neiman’s Family Market Closing

Sydnie Lipski, Reporter

For 37 years, the small community of Alpena has known the name Neimans. Sadly it will no longer be open.The reason for closing is the CoronaVirus, which is not only killing people but many family-owned businesses, too. Loved by many, the family market was a great place to pick up what you needed. Will the small community of Alpena be sad to see this store go? How do people feel about this loved business closing? 


“It is really sad to see this business closing after 37 years, Neiman’s was always spotless and had very nice displays, and the fruit and vegetables were always fresh. You could tell they paid really good attention to details.” said Mildred Bruske. Neimans also kept the store in good condition during the pandemic. “ During the pandemic the shelves stayed pretty well-stocked. There were only a few things that were missing,” she commented.. 


The CoronaVirus negatively impacted the local family market by diminishing its customers.. “ I feel that after the pharmacy and deli closed that definitely took a toll on the place. I also feel like most of the crowd that shopped here was the older people in the community, and during the pandemic, they just weren’t coming because they were of course trying to stay healthy, and I think that contributed to the closing,” remarked Ally Gonzales, a former employee. Another factor that affected the store was rising prices due to the virus. “I definitely noticed that the prices of some things were going up to try and compensate for the low amount of people who were coming,” said Gonzales. The virus, however, only affected the Alpena location.  “I do not believe that any of the other locations of Neimans are closing because before the Alpena location closed, we were sending some of our equipment to the Traverse City location,” Gonzales said. 


Neiman’s Family Market was a great location in Alpena to stop and pick up groceries. The people of Alpena are sad to see it go after 37 successful years of business.