AAU Gym Shutting Down

Olivia Smith , Reporter

The Aplex in Alpena, MI, which held Alpena’s gymnastics team, has recently closed for all gymnasts. Covid has played a major role in this, and now, they don’t have enough money to keep it open. “It’s really unfortunate because there are a lot of girls that go there to better themselves in gymnastics,” says Brooke Smith, an AAU gymnast. They are still holding children’s classes, ages 2-8, for a short amount of time with masks. That is the only time gymnasts are allowed in that area. “While at home, I am stretching as much as possible and working out the best I can to keep in shape, and hopefully it will open again soon!” says Brooke. The Aplex along with a couple kids classes for gymnastics are holding some tennis team practices and any business that needs to get done. The gym and holding any parties/events are still off limits.