October was Colder and Wetter


Photo credit: Newsday/Steve Pfost

Jessie Simmons, Reporter

There was an early arrival of winter this October which forced many Alpena residents to bring out their winter coats early and bring their heaters out a lot sooner. The cold weather will move out ,and warm weather will come back to the area, which will give people one last chance to rake leaves and mow their lawns. The average temperature for the month was only 43.6 degrees, which is almost 3 degrees lower than the average. The warmest day of the month was 73 degrees on Oct. 9; the coldest was on Halloween night when the temperature dropped to 17 degrees. The Alpena area saw rain, light snow, and strong winds to open the month of November, and it did some damage. Besides some trash cans blown over and trees falling, larger structures, such as a wooden Alpena Farmers Market shed, flipped over at Mich-e-ke-wis Park, and the large portable toilet at Bay View Park also fell onto its side because of winds gusting as high as 50 mph late Sunday night and Monday morning.