How Single Parenting Affects Children

How Single Parenting Affects Children

Lacey Talaska, Reporter

Single parenting has been increasing in recent decades. It has become more common and there are more single parents because they have that choice. The question is though, how does this affect their children?


Some children in these types of situations seem to handle it very well. However, many are still at risk for different psychological problems. They are more likely to drop out of school, have bad grades, attempt suicide, and abuse drugs or alcohol. The source of these issues is not always the single-parenthood, but economic stress, problematic family members, and conflict between parents. 


Divorce is a very common reason for single parenting. It brings the children into the conflict between parents. Sometimes parents pressure their children into taking a side, or may just not allow them to see the other parent. This causes the children to feel lost or abandoned. 


Another risk factor is lack of family stability. Some parents remarry, and the uncertainty can increase the chance of psychological downfalls.  


Some things parents could do to help their children are, talking and listening, shield them from conflict between parents, and pay attention to their feelings. Single parenting can have a huge effect on the children and to help with how they are feeling, be generous with praise.