Deer Hunting Culture and Traditions

Deer Hunting Culture and Traditions

Lacey Talaska, Reporter

As deer season creeps closer to us, many are getting excited to go hunting. They are preparing their land, setting up their gear, and buying their deer hunting licenses. 

There are some cocky hunters who tend to think they do not have to work hard to get a trophy buck, but hunting takes hard work and patience. You have to learn how to be quiet, safe, and what to do when after you  kill the deer. Setting realistic expectations for yourself is how to keep hunting fun and enjoyable. 

After completing a poll to see if the majority hunts, what they shoot with, and if there were more boys than girls, the results gave us that the majority of our school are boy hunters that hunt with rifles

People seem to think that hunting is a man’s sport and that women should not participate in it. Originally, hunting was the man’s job, but now in recent days, people hunt mainly for fun and lots of women enjoy it as well. 

There are many different ways to hunt and that brings a lot of different traditions. The common traditions are usually playing cards and staying up all night at camp with the old folks, or waking up early to go freeze in a deer blind. Hunting season creates lots of fun memories and funny stories to tell the next year.  

So, even though deer hunting is controversial between women and men hunting, or between hunters and vegans, it is still a very big sport, especially in North America. Are you going to deer hunt this year?