What Really Makes Up a Cat’s Meow?

Maxwell Zbytowski, Reporter

Cats are fuzzy, adorable little creatures that let themselves in our homes and never left. We humans have adapted to our furry friend’s demands throughout thousands of years, and throughout that time, felines have even been worshiped as gods of divine beings! You may ask yourself, how were the ancient Egyptians controlled by such a “ferocious” animal?

The tiny lions and tigers that occupy our personal space take up 15 percent of the internet, according to smartbizlabs.com. It may seem like a small number, but for one animal, it’s huge! Cats occupy more space than dogs on the internet, at least. But what is it exactly that makes cats so special?

Their purrs are known to have healing properties, but did you also know that their meow has been making humans do their bidding for centuries? It’s been found that a cat’s meow mimics the same frequency as a human baby, in which it kicks in human’s nurturing instincts. That’s right. Your “precious baby” has been manipulating you!

Cats are silent creatures, in both the wild and feral populations, only making vocal cues that we humans cannot hear, apart from hisses and growls. They meow to their mothers as kittens, but as they age, their mothers stop listening to their meows and it’s ultimately lost, apart from domesticated cats. It’s something they use to communicate with us especially, so when your little fuzzball meows at you, make sure to give them an extra treat or two! They wouldn’t meow if they didn’t like you.