GOT7 to Leave JYP Entertainment

Ashlynn Brown, Reporter

On Jan. 11, JYP Entertainment announced that the Kpop boy band, GOT7, will not be renewing their contracts, and the members are all set to leave the agency. Dispatch reported earlier this week that all seven of the members have decided to stay together as a band but were firm on their decision to leave the agency. 


Ahgases (GOT7 fans that are also known by their fanbase name, IGOT7) were shocked and upset at first by the announcement of GOT7 leaving JYP. However, they are happy that the band is leaving the agency because of the mistreatment that they have been previously given by their record label. The father of band member, Mark Tuan, even went on Twitter and posted a response to an article on JYP’s mistreatment towards his son’s band. 


According to a statement made by the company, they had extensive discussions with GOT7, but both sides eventually agreed to not sign another contract once the current one expires. Recently, it was also announced that JYP will transfer all ownership of the trademark of the name “GOT7” to the members, so they will be allowed to use it even after leaving the agency.


JYP Ent. has thanked GOT7 for their contribution to the growth and popularity of Kpop and the agency while expressing their gratitude to Ahgases, whose extreme unending support was the motivation behind GOT7’s activities. The record label then ended their announcement with a message of encouragement for the members and the future that awaits them.