Art Differences and Similarities

Destynee Haskins

There are many different art styles around the world; some pieces are very identifiable. Japanese artists tend to have a similar motion to their art, as well as similar colors and techniques used to paint. While European artists tend to use more warm and neutral colors, their art tends to be more realistic and filled with motion, unlike art from Japan that feels almost surreal. These kinds of things can happen when artists are taught in a similar way and use mediums made in nearly the same way. Different cultures can also affect how an artist paints or draws. Sometimes, artists from different countries can have a similar style, an example being Japan and China; they both have a similar way of conveying motion and adding color to their pieces. While they may be very similar, they also have their differences. Chinese artists tend to use full and clean brush strokes while Japanese artists use thin lines in the lighter areas and thicker lines in the darker areas. In conclusion, artists around the world may have a lot of differences and similarities, but each piece has its own unique style.