Cultural Discrimination

Destynee Haskins

There are many different cultures around the world, a few of the most common being, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. There is not as much cultural discrimination now as there was in the past, but it is still a big problem. Many people have encountered the people who go door to door talking to people about joining a church and learning about “The Lord and Savior”. Sometimes, these people encounter someone who is Jewish, and they discriminate against the person based on their religious belief. Many Christains have a strong belief that those who do not worship or even believe in God, are not loved in the eyes of God. This can cause many people to be discriminated against for being who they are. This kind of discrimination is the same as going up to someone in their own home and telling them they are worthless because they do not know English. 

I interviewed a nondenominational about religious discrimination, and here is what they had to say,I would say my religious beliefs are nondenominational. (Meaning I believe there is a god but not everything in Christianity.) I have not personally been discriminated against, but then again I do not openly share my religious beliefs with others. I am not aware or in contact with anyone that has been discriminated against. I would feel, if I were discriminated against, like the person had some sort of issue with themselves. I’d most likely try and change the topic or stop talking to them since normally those types of people don’t tend to listen. Unless they are willing to then I would explain why it’s wrong to discriminate. I feel like it would make me more wary of openly talking about religion in general. I don’t normally talk about it since it is a controversial topic, but I try and stay neutral when it is brought up.” Being put down for something you believe in feels terrible, it makes you feel invalid and like you can not have a different opinion. Even if someone believes in something different than you, do not put them down for it.