Dress Warm

Kelley Stark


                         The weather is getting cold and that means that people have to start wearing warmer clothes to school to stay warm.  In fact campus closet has all of your cold weather needs right in the store at Alpena Highschool. So come on in and get your winter apparel today.

                                   When the weather starts getting colder and the air gets crisp, people need to start dressing warmer for school. Well luckily Alpena Highschool’s Campus Closet has all of your winter needs right in the store. From Sweatshirts starting from $25, and coats as cheap as $35. You will be able to get your winter needs for a cheap price so that you don’t have to go deep into your pockets for cash. Campus Closet promotes everyone who wants winter Wildcat gear, to stop by and purchase your very own sweatshirt or coat today.