COVID-19 in Colleges and Universities

Justin McEwen, Reporter

As many colleges and school systems are opening back up amidst the risk of the COVID-19 virus increases,multiple states and large colleges are struggling to contain the virus. Partying is starting to become a huge problem as students are not wearing masks and are at risk without minding their six feet. 


College-aged children are the vector; they are the accelerator by which the virus can be amplified,” says Dr. A. David Paltiel, a professor at the Yale School of Public Health. Those students who are infected at school will be more dangerous around ages 60 and higher. As those who are above 60 are at a much higher risk, it is more serious for them when compared to a 20-year-old. Although students at college are at more risk, some still receive face-to-face time with teachers, which is more helpful to some students.

As college students still participate in partying the cases found in colleges slowly rise. COVID-19 cases are increasing and it could be possible that over 3000 cases are due to colleges and universities. Colleges have gone as far to kick students for partying while not containing six feet. The dean of students Derek Doucet of MiddleBurg College says “We have concluded that 22 students violated college policies related to COVID-19. We took swift action according to our sanctioning guidelines shared earlier with the community. These sanctions included revoking on-campus housing privileges and disallowing the students from visiting, studying, or taking courses on campus,”. These students will be eligible to apply again next semester.


Students should attempt to wear their masks when they can to prevent the spread of the virus from affecting people who are more at risk. They should avoid partying in close corridors, and be mindful of those around them. Remember, maintain 6 feet and respect the people around you.