Trump vs. Biden

Justin McEwen, Reporter

As the 2020 election inches closer, the two presidential candidates will face an election that will be unlike any other. The debates will have to be safe for everyone nearby. The first debate will be going on Sept. 29 in Cleveland. The two candidates, Joe Biden for the Democratic party and Donald Trump as our current president, will be debating for the upcoming election day on Nov. 3.


Debates are where the candidates expose their political opinions and public policies proposals. They are often closer to the end of a campaign. The general purpose of the debate is to gain the public’s vote and to talk about difficult topics and issues. With the Corona Virus and the Californian wildfires, there will be plenty of topics to talk about in the debate. 


As the election comes closer and closer, both sides of the election are going head to head. You can watch the debate live on a lot of major channels like NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, as well as C-SPAN, CNN and Fox News. But all that matters is this: Who do you plan to vote for?