How the Black Lives Matter Movement is Affecting the United States Today

Lacey Talaska, Reporter

The Black Lives Matter Movement is one of the longest movements in U.S. history. Over 15 million people in the United States have partaken in protests over the death of George Floyd and many other victims


By using social media, BLM was the first U.S. social movement to successfully use the internet as a mass mobilization platform. It helped spread videos and pictures of protests and riots. Many people became involved with putting out hashtags such as: #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackPride, and #TakeAKnee, etc. Unfortunately, social media has also taken a part in spreading the negative side of BLM.


Protests and riots are very different. Protests are crucial to a democracy and are protected by the First Amendment. Riots consist of vandals, looters, and lawbreakers. Those who destroy a monument or statues can be charged with a crime, even if they are seeking for social justice. Government can limit protests, so know what is and isn’t acceptable before participating.  


When the BLM movement occurred during the CoronaVirus pandemic, that allowed people to have more time to spend on social media. The time let people partake in protests, construct arguments, hashtags and more. The BLM movement still continues with the ongoing pandemic. 


The BLM movement is still ongoing today and is bringing us a step closer to the equality of the human race.