Trump and Biden’s First Debate

Justin McEwen, Reporter

The first political debate between Trump and Biden went down on September 19. In this debate, they were to discuss six topics. These topics were : The Coronavirus, the economy, the supreme court, race and violence in American cities, the integrity of the election and Trumps and Bidens records.

During the debate, both sides attacked each other and had a hard time focusing on the topics. At one point, Biden asked Trump “Will you just shut up, man?” The moderator, Chris Wallace, struggled to keep them focused on the main topics. One of the topics that came up was how much each candidate paid in income tax.. The year Trump began his presidency, a New York Times report showed he paid $750 in taxes while in 2019, Biden paid $300,000 in taxes. 

After the 90 minute debate came to an end, the candidates started to discuss the final topic, the integrity of the election. As this year will be different from every other year because of mail in ballots due to the current pandemic, the final results might take weeks to be entered. “The fact is I will accept it. And he will too. You know why? Because once the winner is declared after all the ballots are counted, all the votes are counted, that will be the end of it. That will be the end of it. And if it’s me, fine. If it’s not me, I will support the outcome,” Biden said, regarding the outcome