COVID in China

Mia Couture, reporter

Xu Rudong, a farmer in eastern China, felt that a long time ago he had left poverty behind. He converted a small plot of land into a thriving field of leeks, selling enough for his wife and four kids to pay for luxuries like fish and meat. He also had money left over to purchase an electric scooter. 

Now, Mr. Xu is struggling to pay for basic needs, such as food and medication once again. The economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic hurt his income, and his crops have been destroyed by extreme flooding.

“We are poor, poor people,” said Mr. Xu, 48, in a recent telephone interview from his home in Wangjiaba, a 36,000-strong village in the province of Anhui said. “We no longer eat meat.” 

In a campaign to eradicate extreme poverty in the world, China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, is expected to claim victory in the next two months. Once again, the Chinese economy is gaining momentum, and the accomplishments of the Communist Party in poverty reduction are expected to be prominent at a party leaders in Beijing conclave this week.