The County With No COVID Cases

Photo Credit:Texas Escapes

Photo Credit:Texas Escapes

Mia Couture

Loving County has yet to report a single positive case of the coronavirus. It’s something people are proud of in the county. 


“You can take that mask off!”  Chuck Flushe told a visitor at the window of his food truck. “We don’t have the virus here.” If it had only that was true for everywhere else.


Not included in the county official records, not one positive COVID test was reported over the summer at a local health clinic in Mentone, that was the only town in the county, said a clinic worker.


The guy stayed in what everyone calls a “man camp” in this part of Texas, a place for migrant oil and gas field employees, in towns. Since he was not a permanent resident in the county, and was just sent home, the case was never reported by Loving County.