A Shorter Quarantine

Kyra Lucas, Reporter

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has two new alternatives for quarantining after a person has been exposed to Corona. Instead of a 14-day quarantine, a person can quarantine for 10 days, and if they have no symptoms they can end their quarantine on day 10. Another option is a 7-day quarantine; however, the person must have no symptoms and test negative for Corona.


A shorter quarantine after being exposed to Corona has its positives and negative effects. It can reduce economic hardships and get people back to work and school sooner. Dr. Henry Walke says ¨A shorter quarantine period may also make individuals more likely to cooperate with contact tracers.¨ Quarantine for a shorter amount of time also comes with the risk that someone may still be infected after 7 or 10 days. Walke also stated that a 14-day quarantine is the best way to reduce the risk of spreading Covid. The CDC advises people to still monitor for symptoms for 14 days even if not quarantined.