Florida Man Rescued In The Atlantic Ocean

Kyra Lucas, Reporter

On Sunday morning, a 62 year old Florida resident was rescued 86 miles off the coast of Florida after his 32 foot boat capsized. After departing Friday night, Stuart Bee was reported missing to the U.S. Coast Guard by his family because he did not dock at the Port Canaveral Marina. Early Sunday morning, he woke up to water coming into his boat, hanging onto his sinking boat for several hours until he saw a 225 foot cargo ship named the Angeles, in the distance. He got the ship’s attention by taking his shirt off and waving it around, until being rescued without any injuries. It is unknown why his boat capsized.


The men on the Angeles ship were very happy. The Captain stated ¨I am very happy for this¨ after another man on the boat named Antonelli said, ¨That is the gentlemen we’ve been looking for.¨