‘We’re injecting hope’

Mia Couture, Reporter

Many doctors around the world are rapidly searching for a vaccine for the Coronavirus, such as Dr. Venkat Chandra, who has been searching for the past nine months. He worked on the front line throughout this pandemic, and his family has been missing him. The crisis of the pandemic has made it impossible for anyone to travel and see their families, especially since Dr. Venkat Chandra’s parents live in India, and he is in the United Kingdom.

But the doctor has gotten one step closer to being able to go visit his family in India. He received the vaccine that will protect him against COVID-19.

Dr. Venkat Chandra, emergency and accidents doctor, at the age of forty-six was one of the first people in the world to receive the new vaccine for coronavirus (besides the people who participated in the clinical trials).

Chandra and 224 others received the vaccine inside a Cardiff gymnasium that had been converted into a makeshift vaccination center on the first day of the mass immunization program across the United Kingdom.

“It’s still a long way to go, but hopefully everybody comes and gets the vaccine, to get the country moving,” he said. It’s been tough for him not to be able to visit his parents in Chennai. “In India, the situation has been even worse, so it’s been difficult for them.”

The world is majorly progressing and learning about the coronavirus, imperfections of this new vaccine are yet to come across, but it will only get better and improved as the time goes on.