New York City Gunman

Kyra Lucas, Reporter

In New York City, police officers shot a gunman at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine; he later died in the hospital. The shooting happened on Amsterdam Avenue and West 112th Street, about 15 minutes after an outside annual Christmas choir performance. There was an audience of around 200 people, but when the shooting occurred, there were only about 15 people left in the crowd. The gunman had a backpack with gasoline, knives, rope, wire, tape, and the Bible in it. He stood at the top steps of the Cathedral and yelled, “Shoot me,” and “Kill me” as he fired 20 shots. The officers ordered the suspect to drop his weapons before shooting him. The New York police Commissioner said the actions of the police officers on the scene were “heroic,”  and “It is by the grace of God today that no one besides the gunman was struck.”