Clown scare

The newest trend in today’s world is clowns. Clowns have been reported in random cities around the United States.

Not many people in today’s world think clowns are exciting. Most people are afraid of them and want nothing to do with them. In some cases, these clown sightings have caused school closings. Two school systems in the state of Florida have reported seeing clowns around the district. These schools then had to go into a lockdown. An investigation is still taking place to figure out if these clown sightings were true or not. There have been more creepy clown sightings everyday, including around school systems. Will Alpena High be next?

There isn’t a known reason at this point as to why people are dressing up as clowns and trying to scare people. On social media there have actually been videos of people getting out of there vehicles and attacking the clowns.

At Alpena High School a teacher, Mr. Cook, has all of the reported sightings in Alpena of clowns written on his board in his classroom. Everyday kids reported to have seen clowns in weird places around town. But so far out of all of these clown sightings, nobody has been reported to be hurt. Lots of people just think that it’s people being stupid, and trying to scare people. But even so, tons of people absolutely hate clowns and have a huge fear for them, because of their looks.

This should be just another phase going around the world and should soon move on. But until then, clowns are going to become more and more popular, all because people are scared. So people should not be worried about all this going on.