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As many of you have seen in the past year we have gotten a new building at AHS. It’s the greenhouse.Now some may be woundering how we got the greenhouse and what we plan to do with it.

The school got the money for the greenhouse  from an auction held several years ago.  FFA  auctioned off a variety of equipment that was purchased for the agriscience program but was not being used.  FFA raised over $85,000 from the auction.  Some local businesses also donated time and building materials at no cost, or a reduced cost, as a donation as well.

The greenhouse will be used for a variety of student based projects in the agriscience classes such as Botany and the advanced Innovations in Agriscience program. They are raising a variety of crops including greens, herbs, vegetables and flowering plants using traditional methods and hydroponics.

 These projects are research based and students learn research techniques, greenhouse management, and also how to grow and market a product.  Students are able to sell the greens, herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants to the community.

In the future, FFA plans to work with area businesses to grow greens and herbs that will be sold directly to area restaurants. FFA would also like to grow spring bedding plants and hanging baskets that will be sold to the community.

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