Class milestones

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Alpena High School has many living alumni classes still walking around, and many have their own special milestones.

In 2016 the following classes have reached their own benchmark on the timeline of alumni, graduated, classes. 2011 has reached their 5th year, 2006, their 10th. Class of 2001 reached 15 years since being in highschool, while class of 1996 has their 20th year milestone.

1991 is at the quarter mark of 25 years and 1986 celebrated their 30th this year. The class of 1981 is a strong 35 years, class of 1976 reaching 40 years since graduation. Only 5 years away from reaching the halfway point to 100 years is the class of 1971, coming in this year with 45 years since the walked across the stage to leave Alpena High behind.

The class of 1966 finally reached an important milestone of 50 years this year, with the class of 1961 reaching 55 years. The 1956 class reached 60 years, and class of 1951 is celebrating their 65th milestone as alumni of Alpena HIgh School.

Congratulations to all of the classes for their milestones!

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