2016 Election

Ashley Bloom, Author

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As you all know 2016 was an election year. For presidents, U.S. senate, U.S. representative, and numbers of local elections.the two most heard of people running for president were:

  • Hillary Clinton (democratic)
  • Donald J. Trump (republican)
  • Gary Johnson (libertarian)
  • Jill Stein (green)
  • Darrell Castle (constitution)

The president for the united states is Trump. He ended up with 289 electoral college votes Clinton had 228 votes. But Clinton ended up winning the popular vote with 62,829,832, and Trump had 61,488,190 votes. This is the fifth time in history the a candidate that won the popular vote but did not win the presidency.  

Here at AHS we had a mock election. Trump with 58.99%, Clinton with 22.3%, Johnson with 14.4%, and Stien with 4.4%. William Bright said “ almost all the time when we have a mock election at school the results mostly match up with the electoral college results.

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