Curriculum part 1

There are many requirements students must meet in order to graduate. AHS stresses that it is the student’s responsibility to see that all graduation requirements are met.

For English there are English courses for 9th-11th grade, all three of these courses are 1 credit classes. With semesters that means they are 2 semester classes with a part A and part B section. There is also a required English Language Arts Elective 1 credit requirement.

Math has three set courses that must be accomplished. Algebra 1 and 2, and geometry. These three classes are also 1 credit classes. A math-related course for Senior year is required. For the class of 2016, Pre-Calc, when taken Junior year, satisfies one of the senior math requirements (.5 credit of complete 1 credit needed).

Science requires Intro to Chemistry & Physics totalling as 1 credit together. Since the change to semesters this requirement has changed. Starting with the class 2020, there is a new freshman science requirement. Biology is 1 credit total, as is Chemistry and Physics. A student only needs to take either Chemistry or Physics to fulfil the requirement of 1 full credit.

The basic requirements for history are US History/Geography, World History/Geography, Government, and Economics. Each of these classes are 1 credit long. There are multiple AP classes a student can take to replace the class requirement.
A half credit of health is also required, satisfied by either parenting or health. And a Physical Education half credit is required. This half credit can be waived if the student participates in a school physical activity (School related sports, marching band, etc.). A full art credit is required, this can be satisfied by a variety of classes. Art credits can also be used to waive other classes.