National Secretary of Education

Ashley Bloom, author

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Donald Trump has just nominated Betsy DeVos as National Secretary of Education.


DeVos was Born January 8, 1958. She is 58 years old. She is from Holland, Michigan.she also has property in Grand Rapids and Ada, Michigan, in Windsor which is in Vero Beach, Florida, and they also own a yacht. Her father is Edgar Prince, brother Erik Prince. She married Dick DeVos in 1980 and they had two daughters Andrea and Elisabeth and, two sons Richard III and Ryan.


She has attended school at Calvin College, and Holland Christian Schools. Wikipedia describes her as “American billionaire,businesswoman, philanthropist, and education activist from Michigan.”


There are a lot of people who don’t think she has the qualifications to have this position. According to, “She has never attended a public school or university and neither has her kids.” “She also doesn’t have a education degree or experience teaching in schools.” So she has no experience in what a public school is or who she would be affecting if she changes things for public schools. Also, said  “She didn’t support Donald Trump during the primary. DeVos told Detroit News that she had “misgivings” about Trump.”


Some of the things DeVos and Trump plan on doing is pushing  for school choice, and also raising the Common Core standards. According to “Trump vowed to use federal funds to encourage states to make school choice available to all poor students, including through vouchers that allow families to take public funding to private schools.”


DeVos is going to change a lot of things for the public school systems. This will affect Alpena High School by first changing the common core requirement for each class. This means that that teachers will have other things that they will have to put into their lessons for the year.


Now a lady that has no experience of a public school could be changing everything about them.


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