Hall of fame #3

Ashley Bloom, Author

There are many people inducted into the Hall of Fame, two of them being Richard Cook, and  Dick Crittenden.

Cook was in the graduating class of 1965, and was inducted in 2006. He was valedictorian of his class. He earned a bachelor’s in chemistry from University of Michigan, master’s and doctorate from Princeton University. In 1966 he accepted the presidency of Allegheny college and continues in that post.His credentials are:

  • Appointment to Love Canal Science Advisory Board
  • A role as visiting scientist for the institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Appointment to the Brooking institute Working Group on Government Accountability


Crittenden was in the graduating class of 1976, was inducted in 2011. He has become the second generation of the Crittenden family to lead DeVere Construction. He was named president and CEO of DeVere in 1992. He has helped put the city of Alpena on the map because of his partnerships it companies around the U.S.