What’s New at AHS


AHS is going through some changes in the new 2017-2018 school year. We have a new principal, Thomas Berriman, and he has made some changes to our school.

A big change Berriman has made is the new rule on phones. Each teacher gets a red and a green card to use to show when they will, and will not, allow phones to be out. Green means that phones can be out and used, red means that all phones must be put away and should not be seen.

If a student does have a phone out during this time the teacher is to take the phone and send it down to the main office where the student must have a parent or legal guardian pick it up.

Another rule Berriman has made is the hallway passes, where the teacher gives the student a piece of paper and the student must fill out where he or she is going and the teacher must sign it and date it. And students have limited time to get back to class before it is considered tardy or an unexcused absence.

How do students feel about these changes? Are they going to be good or bad? Do the teachers agree? Will they last?

This may not be a long lasting thing due to the fact many highschool young adults feel like they should be treated as adults. Administrators want students to mature and get ready for the real world, but some students wonder how is writing where they are going and having to use colorful cards going to help them do that?

Or will using these techniques of assuring that students are where they need to be and stay focused without the distracting use of phones using the cards, or writing these special passes going to help us learn to be mature enough to face reality?