Michigan’s vaping law

Evelyn Allen

Michigan is the first state of banning flavored vape juices. The  Michigan Health Department and Michigan Governor state that their only doing this to protect youth. 

The new law is not filled yet, but once it is complete the law will take place admediatly. Michigan law enforcement is giving stores thirty days to sell, but after that, that’s it.This law is only for flavored juices such as fruit, candy, mint, menthol, etc.. on the other hand tobacco flavor is still legal. 

Many studies have occurred over the year and one study showed an increase in just a year of 1.5 million students are vaping. 

As a point Governor Whitmer says “My number one priority is keeping our kids safe.” 

Many people throw in the argument that vaping was a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and was clean but a handful of people have passed away or are in critical condition in the hospital due to vaping.