National Respect Day

Evelyn Allen

September 18th,2019 is National Respect day. Wildcats need to demonstrate respect today and, of course, everyday. 

National Respect Day is a day celebrating the idea that everyone should be treated with nothing but kindness. The old saying “treat people the way you want to be treated” is a saying you should go by everyday because respect is very important in everyone’s life. Celebrating respect is easy. You can simply smile at a peer in the halls, compliment people, help out anyone if you see they may be struggling, etc. 

Almost every teacher, if not all teachers at AHS have the classroom norm respect. The first couple days of school teachers are constantly reminding us that respect is one of the biggest factors in our life to succeed. 

As a Wildcat it’s our job to show grit, the R stands for respect, all administrators encourage everyone in AHS to continue to use respect!