Bullying Awareness Month

Evelyn Allen

As we all know, October is an important month.There are so many activities going on in school and out of school. However, what many students forget to acknowledge is Bullying Awareness Month. 

Bullying awareness month is the whole month of October. This whole month is a goal for all people to acknowledge bullying and to work together with everyone to put an end to bullying and encourage everyone to prevent bullying. 

This month is to encourage all students at all schools to be a friend and not a bully meaning-don’t say pointless put downs to your peers to make them feel less about themselves. It is also a reminder to all that every person is their own unique self.

Bullying has become a major issue in all schools over the years, including cyber bullying, no one likes to be put down on what they like do wear or do. Not only this month, but everyday staff encourages you to say nice things to your peers.