Many choices for college

Evelyn Allen

Are you ready for college life? Do you want to go to college after highschool? Or did you know about all the good programs that Alpena High offers to every student? 

AHS offers early college programs to all students but students need to be dedicated and show that they can handle the big responsibility. Over the years AHS offers early college program and dual enrollment.However if staying in alpena is not for you, you can always visit the new college adviser Ms. Clarke for other options. 

Early college is a program offered to students after freshman year, the majority of students register their sophomore year. Once a student fills out the application you are called in for an interview from Mr.Fitzpatrick and depending on how that goes he will choose around 50 applicants. Early college is a program that you start at AHS by taking a semester of speech class then after transferred to college for college classes, the biggest thing with early college is that you have to do a 13th year of highschool meaning, you most likely will not have classes at AHS but will have all college classes. Your senior year you will walk with your class but will not get your diploma until the 13th year is complete. By taking this program you can graduate with an associates degree which was all free of charge because AHS pays for it. 

Dual enrollment is a program through your consular. Your counselor and you will pick your selected college classes and they will enroll you in them also free of charge. 

Lastly Ms. Clarke is the 2019-2020 college advisor at AHS she has set hours but the ti me she is here she is here to meet with you and prepare you for further universities. She also sets up college meetings and has university representatives come to AHS and tell students about their college.