New release of Iphone 11

Evelyn Allen

Clothes used to be the talk about trend but as technology advances we hear more and more talking about who has the newest phone. Apple has released their newest Iphone 11. 

Apple about a year ago came out with the Iphone X which had a whole new look. Iphone X advanced to, no more home button, better camera features, bigger screens, and way more but that just wasn’t enough for them they took it a step further. 

Now a year later Apple released the Iphone 11. They were released around the middle of September. New features on the Iphone 11 is, splash,water, and dust resistant, a dual camera ultra wide camera, and way more things. 

The new trends of technology is not a cheap buy though. The starting price for Iphone 11 is $999. Soon enough we will all see people with the Iphone 11.