Homecoming results

Evelyn Allen

Seniors take the win again! The week was filled with school spirit and teamwork.

Spirit week was fun for students and teachers, so much spirit was shown in all events. It was so nice to see everyone wearing pink on Wednesday for breast cancer awareness!

  The most exciting day for us all was Thursday and Friday. Hall decorating after school on Thursday demonstrated all classes working together showing teamwork and school girt. Each class had very good creative themes.

 Freshman: orange snacks 

Sophomores: pacman 

Juniors: pure Michigan 

Seniors:spooky clowns 

On Friday, judging was the talk of the day. Every year there is always a big competition and the rumor always goes around about seniors cheating and the judgement is rigged, but it’s not. As a result seniors won again for their creativity and of course the ALPENA chant! 

A big congratulations to the king and queen winners this year. Alec Zielaskowski and Shelby Birtch! And of course a big congrats to all of our class representatives.