AP Exam registration

Evelyn Allen

This school year the A.P classes are trying something new. This year for AP exam registration is being done now. AP teachers should have given students registration papers around October 21st. Registration papers are due November 6th. 

Steps for completing your registration form are easy, you simply are going to fill out paperwork and return to the main office or Mrs. Lee. The exam costs $100, if you pay with a check you must make the check out to Alpena High School. Waivers are given to those who qualify for a reduced fee. 

Are you unsure if you should take an AP exam? There are so many positive outcomes when taking the AP exam. The exam is scored by numbers such as 1,2,3,4 the higher you get, the better. By scoring a high number you will earn college credits so you do not have to take a class or classes in college. The $100 is worth it. Calculations show if you pass and get credits earned you could save over $1,000. 

If you’re currently in an AP class, it is highly recommended to consider taking the AP Exam in May 2020. Remember the new policy that all AP registration forms are due Wednesday, November 6th.