Old Fashioned vs. Modern Day Christianity

Photo Credit: Kiro 7 
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Photo Credit: Kiro 7 Live, Local, in-depth

Olivia Smith

There are a few different types of Christianity… however, they all fall under one category. The belief in God is important to a lot of people as it should be. Many occurrences could have taken place to make people not believe in God: being raised without religion, picking up with the wrong crowd, family separation, and many others. No matter how many problems people have with Chritianity, I think the biggest one will always be how it is given out. There are different levels of Christians, and overtime, depending on how you go about yourself and others, it can turn people away or bring them closer. Some may not even realize it until you truly think about why people have left and never came back or came once and will never leave.  

In the olden days, things were a lot different. Older pastors and preachers tend to be old fashioned; therefore, they preach a lot differently than younger ministers, etc. If it’s someone’s first time to a church, more than likely going to one closest to their beliefs with people close to their age will be most beneficial!! A young person interested in learning about God would enjoy modern day preaching coming from a younger pastor who can relate to them, rather than an older generation preaching, and vise versa. Religion shouldn’t be something forced but having an audience you can relate to with a leader who is talking about God and relates to you through life in the same way is a much better option than going somewhere random, hating your time there and thinking all churches are that way.