Destynee Haskins

Many people have their own opinions, that is a known fact. Someone would like green and the other like yellow, that’s their opinion. But sometimes other people push their opinion on others. The person who likes green could say, “Ew why do you like yellow it’s such an ugly color. Stop liking yellow.” What would you do in this situation? You could easily turn the conversation around and say, “Well green is a disgusting color why do you like green?” However,  that is just like an instance where you get bullied, so you start bullying others. It’s like the common phrase, two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead you could say “okay. That is your opinion and this is mine.” Getting told your opinion is wrong feels terrible. It can make some people even feel like their opinion is invalid and that they need to change it to be valid. No matter what the opinion is, you should never tell someone their opinion is wrong even if you think it is wrong. If someone has a different opinion than you and they try and push their opinion on you and give you reasons why you are ‘wrong’, don’t talk to them; tell them we can have different opinions, and they can still be right to ourselves.