Artist Expectations

Destynee Haskins

In the artist community, there are many different kinds of artists. Some people draw specifically animals, some people draw gore, and others draw people. There are many more art styles, but many people fail to realize that. Most people when they hear someone is an artist think they 1) draw “anime” 2) draw perfect realistic people or 3) draw super cartoon people. Notice how they all are people? As someone who used to only draw animals, I always got asked “why don’t you draw people? Can you draw something for me? Why do you draw like that?” If you ask any artist, they will tell you they have gotten asked these questions or questions similar, numerous times. Some people even discredit artists’ work by expecting art to be free. Personally, I have never experienced people expecting free art, but I know several people who have. The expectations for the artist community are terrible; people either expect you to draw perfectly and then discredit you when you can not or expect you to be able to draw anything they want. These expectations can really bring someone down when they can not live up to them. They make some artists feel like if they want to be successful in the arts, they have to live up to these impossible expectations.