Why is it Important to buy Sustainable Products?


Photo Credit: CCO Public Domain

Sydnie Lipski

Why is it important to buy sustainable products? Almost everyone has already heard; We only get one Earth, so we have to keep it clean and healthy. When you buy sustainable products, you encourage the manufacturers who make them to make more. Production of materials takes up a lot of natural resources; for example, making a plastic bottle takes 1/4th of the water bottle filled with oil to make one plastic bottle. Our natural resources are going to start depleting. Oil and water are going to be some of the first resources to run out. By buying sustainable products, you can save the environment and your money because the products you buy will last and you won’t have to worry about buying new products every month/year. I love this article! I am so happy to read how conscious you are about the environment! Don’t forget to include a picture and a citation.