Mnet Snubbing Stray Kids for Popularity?

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Ashlynn Brown

Mnet (South Korean television music channel) has been receiving criticism the past few weeks from STAY (Stray Kids fanbase) for snubbing (rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully) the 4th generation Kpop boy group, Stray Kids, and using the group’s popularity for their own benefit. On Oct. 29, Mnet released this year’s list of nominees for the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards, also known as the MAMA Awards. Stray Kids were one of the several popular Kpop groups who did not receive a nomination. 


Stray Kids have come out with quite a range of music this year, releasing their first full album “GO生” (“GO LIVE”) on Jun. 17, followed up by their first repackage album “IN生” (“IN LIFE”), which was released on Sept. 14. The title tracks ‘God’s Menu’ and ‘Back Door’ climbed the charts in popularity and gained more fans for the Kpop boy band. On Aug. 27, around 70 days after its release, ‘God’s Menu’ officially passed the 100 million view count on Youtube,  making it Stray Kids’ first music video to reach that milestone! ‘Back Door’ topped the Global Youtube Counter, surpassing 6 million views in only 13 hours and 29 minutes. Stray Kids also received their third award (and first music show win) for ‘Back Door’ on MBC M Show Champion. 


But despite the group’s talent, popularity, and record-breaking music, Stray Kids haven’t been nominated for a MAMA Award since their debut year in 2017. However in 2018, the group was nominated for MAMA’s “Mwave Global Fan’s Choice” for their title track ‘My Pace’ as well as a nomination for the “Artist of the Year” award. Instead, they won an award for “Best New Male Artist”. 


In addition to snubbing Stray Kids at MAMA, STAYs are accusing Mnet of using the band as clickbait (content whose main purpose is to attract attention) for the ninth season of the popular rap competition show, Show Me the Money. Fans felt deceived by the show’s sketchy editing and advertising. The group’s main rapper, Changbin, appeared as a contestant but was later eliminated in the second round. Fans were enraged by this and took their frustration to social media. 


Even in the 2020 MAMA Awards, Mnet is still showing their bias towards the 4th-gen Kpop group. Stray Kids were #8 in the Top 10 MAMA 2020 Performances for their year-old b-side (songs that aren’t the title track on an album) ‘Victory Song,’, but they were not nominated for any awards. They only performed one song, and it was announced that Stray Kids will be competing on Mnet’s 2021 reality survival show ‘Kingdom.’ This only angered fans further, as the group went through their own survival show held by their company, JYPE (JYP Entertainment), back in 2017, which determined if the group would debut or not. 


Mnet is showing their biased side when it comes to Stray Kids, and STAYs can only hope that it will end and the network will give them the recognition they deserve. 

I will leave links to ‘God’s Menu’ and ‘Back Door’ below; feel free to check them out and give our boys some love.