Paige Langley

The word Beautiful is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically,” but when you ask people of other genders, ages, and walks of life, will you get the same answer?

Here are some of the answers I got:

“To me, when I think of ‘beautiful,’ I think of God’s creation. I see the faces of the people I love. The gorgeous places I’ve traveled to that just take my breath away. I even think of the times a stranger is kind to me, and it makes my heart warm. I see beauty in a lot of things. And even considerably when some things are ugly. I believe God can make anything pretty and there is potential in anyone and anything to go from cold to warm, from wrong to right, ect. Sometimes beauty can come from change but sometimes it can also go from just staying the same.”

  • 17 y/o female

“Beautiful to me is a balancing mixture of being both physically attractive, and having a great personality”

  • 17 y/o male

“When you embrace your natural qualities with confidence”

  • 31 y/o female

“Eye catching”

  • 18 y/o female

“Subtly subjective”

  • 15 y/o female

“Genuine soul and caring heart”

  • 39 y/o male 

“A physical visual of love and kindness. Beauty could be downplayed by people thinking that to be beautiful takes makeup and masking… when in reality, the outward actions of the person or even just an event… beautiful means organized care. To view some ‘thing’ beautiful, it would tend to have some organization to it… is a person to be beautiful then a noticeably amount of are shown outward.”

  • 40 y/o female

“Beautiful has one of two meanings to me; physically and mentally/emotionally. Someone can be very physically beautiful; symmetrical face, bright eyes, and a great smile. But someone also can be emotionally/mentally beautiful, give anything to help someone out even when it doesn’t benefit them”

  • 18 y/o female


“What beautiful means to me is the inner workings of every part of a being that makes us who we are.”

  • 35 y/o female


Beauty is all around us. Everywhere you look, there is beauty to be found. In every country and every culture, and at the same time beauty is different and unique to everyone. So why does the term beauty standard exist? If there is anything to gather from reading the responses of these people, it’s that nothing about the answers is standard. 


“Beauty is pain”

A term many women grew up hearing, but neither the word pain, nor any of it’s synonyms, were anywhere to be found in any of the responses I gathered.  But if beauty is not pain or hurt, then why do we continue this tradition of putting how we look before how we feel? I believe that everyone is beautiful without the extra pain. I believe that one person at a time, we can change this beauty “standard.” So today, go out and tell someone they’re beautiful. You wont regret it.