Gatekeeping in Media

Eleanor Rozdoske

Gatekeeping, in definition means, “The activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something.” Lately in the media, this term has been used to refer to people who express their opinion on a show or book to the point they will bully someone for having a different opinion. The more mainstream negativity in these shows and fandoms, the less likely people are to try and watch the show due to the bad reputation. While to many, the simple answer would be to just not interact online or associate yourself with the show or book. Others would argue that putting the show out there to gain popularity is one of the best ways to support a creator. All around, people who gatekeep in media are hurting everyone. Whether they’re affecting new fans, creators, or even force people to stop supporting it. While it’s hard to make people change their view on the internet, it doesn’t take much in order to stay respectful on social media. It’s easy to argue that this conflicts with freedom of speech; however, the term gatekeeping refers to someone holding their opinion to where they believe it is the only right option.