FAQ part one

Parents have many questions for Alpena Public Schools, and so here are some along with a pre-approved answer.

When wondering where to register a child for Alpena Public Schools (APS) one would have to visit the Central Registration office at the Gordon Administrative Building. The building address is: 2373 Gordon Road in Alpena, MI. A recommendation is to call ahead of time. Their number is 989-358-5025. Another option is to simply call the Switchboard at 989-358-5200.

To register a child a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and a proof of residency (a copy of a utility bill or some other document verifying your address) are needed upon registering. Some people might wonder why a proof of residency is needed and it’s just that APS secretaries need the information to verify that the child does live within the boundaries of APS, and to ensure that the child is placed at the right school (primarily for elementary schools).

There is a way to attend different elementary school then one they would normally attend. APS has an “open enrollment” policy, which states that families may request special permission for their child to attend a different elementary school. Any school office has the necessary request form. In the end, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction makes the final decision about “open enrollment” or “special permission” requests. The decision is made on a number of factors including class sizes, attendance history, and any behavior issues. If any additional questions are present anyone can contact the Office of Instruction at 989-358-5015 for more information.

The APS curriculum is available to anyone, the curriculum link is located on the menu bar on APS’s homepage (www.alpenaschools.com). The pages summarize the K-6 curriculum. For more detailed information, or to review curricula for grades 7-12, anyone can visit any building office. Our curriculum and materials are available for review.